HOP Boxing & Fitness is a friendly and family oriented gym offering group classes and private sessions for men, women and kids, ages 10 and above.   Currently, half the clients at HOP are ladies.

The clients consist of computer specialists, doctors, lawyers, CPA’s, soccer moms, students and people from all walks of life.   A person’s age doesn’t matter.   When you step thru the door, you only need to bring a willingness to get in great shape and have fun doing it!

Mike, the instructor, is certified in weight training, cardio, nutrition, core and stretching.   He has 30 years in the fitness field with experience training high school athletes, federal agents, police officers, Army & Navy personnel, ice hockey players, football players, triathletes and just regular folks !!

A client’s training regimen can be adjusted to fit any criteria.

Kane, pictured above, said “I was 290 when I started now I’m 214.  HOP Fitness changed my life!”

Mike also has an extensive 35 year background in boxing, both pro and amateur.

This is not a boxing class where you get hit !   It‘s where you hit the bag!   Taking out your aggression on a heavy bag is great fun!

Gym equipment: treadmill, ellipticals, stair steppers, a Bowflex Trainer, Stationery Bike and free weights.   All boxing equipment is furnished.

A big advantage to these classes is, everyone is in a different level of fitness shape when they get here.   Whether you run good or bad.  Whether you can do push ups or not.  It makes no difference.   Everyone works together in groups and the fun/competitive atmosphere is contagious!

You can stick with group workouts or you can do solo workouts.    Your workout is tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.

The classes start at 6am each day, then run thru the day, up until the last class at 630pm.   Plus, there are classes on Saturday/Sunday.   Whether you take fitness seriously or just recreational, you should give it a try.   It will change your life, health and attitude !

Separate shower facilities, so you can workout, clean up, then go directly to work.

Regularly scheduled classes:

Monday: 600a ladies class,  630p mixed class
Tuesday: 600a mens ,  330p mixed ,  630p mixed 
Wednesday: 600a ladies ,  630p mixed 
Thursday: 600a mens ,  330p mixed ,  630p mixed 
Friday: 600a ladies 
Saturday: 830a, 930a, 1030a **All mixed classes
Sunday:  Class time changes each Sunday, depending on demand. 
Contact me to either arrange your own private class or to see if a group class has already been set up 
You are encouraged to bring your friends and form your own group.

Contact Mike:


cell 512-689-9191​
Say hi to Squanto, the HOP mascot.